1.02 trade

I want to get the 1.02 in a ten team league and I currently own the 1.07, 1.08, 2.03, 2.05 and 3.02. What would be a reasonable package?

1.07 + 2.03 + 3.02 would be a good starting offer.

I was debating on going for the 1.07 and 1.08 but don’t know if that’s too much

It’s definitely not too much. There’s a big drop after two, for me.

Do you have a need at RB (more than WR)? If so, then I’d absolutely offer the 1.07 and 1.08. I don’t think that’s too much of an offer. I’d much rather have Guice (maybe even Michel) over Ridley and one of the lower RBs who will most likely be in a committee.

Big need at RB. No need at WR. OBJ, ARob, Cooper, Edelman, Jones Jr, Crowder.

And as you may notice, three of them basically missed all season so yeah, I have the 1.01 also haha.

Then I’d definitely offer both first rounders for the 1.02. And if he won’t budge, I’d considering throwing in the 2nd too.

At this point I’d be waiting for the NFL draft to complete. If a few WR end up in favourable locations (GB, DAL, SEA, CAR) then RB could get pushed down.

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If you’ve got the 1.01 then wait til your draft to try to move up for 1.02/1.03 (may be able to pay less and still get your 2nd favorite at 3). With those picks though I may sit tight depending on landing spots

I don’t agree at all. I strongly believe that both 1.01 and 1.02 is more valuable than any other two rookie picks in this draft and I don’t think the WRs are relevant in the top 4, regardless of landing spot.

Basically, I think there are two studs in this draft and then a bunch of guys with some upside and serious questions.

Despite people hyping this RB draft class…

…Sony Michel might be a injury liability.
…Nick Chubb comes with risk due to injury.
…Guise may have character issues.
…Penny may not be valued highly.

Not saying any of this is true or will happen. But if these guys slip in the NFL draft and WR go early - I think that will directly affect league Rookie drafts.

I’d agree if any of the top WRs were potential stars, which I don’t think is the case.

As for the RBs, I agree that it’s over hyped. That’s actually past of my point. I think there us a significant drop after Guice.

Penny went to Seattle and pretty much became a do not draft despite going as the second RB.

Michel went to the Pats, I am torn on what that means for him after they paid Burkhead so much. Bye to Hill and Gilli.

Bill doesnt draft skill position dudes in round one. He must really like him to do so. He’ll be used.

Penny is confusing because that line is a disaster

But will Michel be used because he is a great pass blocker more than anything else?

I’d say the pass blocking keeps him on the feel but his versatility makes him intriguing too. As a Pats fan, though, I tend to avoid delving into that backfield for fantasy purposes unless its at a serious value

I really can’t imagine BB spending that high a pick on a guy he doesn’t plan to make a focal point.

LOL this is a classic crutch argument. He isn’t going to turn into a 300 touch guy just because of draft spot

Lol. Someone listens to Chris Harris (btw, a ‘crutch argument’ is really a non sequitur). If you don’t think draft capital plays into, or at the very least is correlated to opportunity, you aren’t paying attention. I never suggested he would be a 300 touch back. I do think he will get a significant amount opportunity, and has the talent to take advantage of that opportunity. Especially considering the current competition.

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But I wasn’t suggesting he wouldn’t get usage, just that because its the Pats his usage may be harder to predict. Your comment then would be a non sequitur in this instance because the prior comment, which I was replying to, was more about how he would be used as a pass protector not a question of opportunity based on draft stock