1.03 rookie pick! WR or RB?

Footclan! What’s the better value here? I really like Guice, but I doubt he drops past the 1.02. Michel seems to be the next RB in line. I know Sutton and Ridley are the top WRs, but I hear none of them are that solid (compared to some of the better WRs we’ve seen drafted in recent years).

I got the same pick in mine. There just aren’t any blue chip WR. I have to believe the best player on the board is gonna be a RB. You’d also have your pick of QB if you really wanted, but I doubt you’d be able to find a value WR there

I wonder if trading it might get the most value out of the pick!

That’s what I wanted to do. But I think everyone else knows it’s a risky draft. I offered a guy the 1.03 straight up for Mike Evans and he rejected it

Take the best available RB, it will be clearer after the NFL draft. That pick will increase in value as your draft comes around. I would also see what it would take to move up 1 to get Guice. Michelle or Chubb would still be a solid option.

@dmccallum @vanaeroled would you guys trade the 1.03 for Mixon straight up?

I would, you know the production is going to be there, and if they bolster that o line he will break out this year. Fair warning I am a Mixon truther.

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I am too. Haha I also have Gio and AJ Green on my team. You think I may be overdoing it with the Bengals stack? Haha

No, Gio is a solid handcuff and even usuable in the flex. I would still want to diversify with some other RBs but I don’t think that is a bad stack at all.

I would, but only if you get another pick in return. Maybe a 3rd round pick

Don’t be afraid to think in advanced. This receiving class is very average but very deep. Maybe you get a guy like Gallup or Miller later. And 2019 has an unbelievable top 3 receivers so I’d grab an RB while you can because next years backs look very average.

That’s the goal. I want either an established RB (trade) or a rookie with starter potential out of the 1.03. And Regarding the deep WR class for 2019, I have two first rounders for next year knowing how good of a class it’ll be. Hoping I’ll get one of the big 3 WRs or maybe even two!

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