1. 04 + 2.04 vs 1.06, 1.12 + 2nd 2022?

Bonjour from Germany

Got offered to trade away 1.04 + 2.04
And get 1.06 + 1.12 this year and 2nd 2022 (opponent is Contender, last year 2nd place)

My team is solid but not more, could rebuild but I have deshaun Watson, Zeke, Fournette, Diggs, Engram as star players

It’s a 12 team hppr dynasty with 1QB 2rb 3 WR 1te 2rbwrteflex

Got the offer, quick responses would be appreciated

Thanks a lot!

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Well, seeing where you are strong (RB) I would do that. 1.04 lands you at the end of what I see the strong RB slots or the early jump at WR. Sliding to the 1.06 is not much, and definitely puts you in top 3 WR or better given how your draft goes. While I think the difference between 1.10-2.10 is not much at all, I’d rather choose sooner in the range. The 2021 2nd is icing in my opinion.

I would make that trade. I hope this helps some!

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