1.04 for Kenny G

I have 1.03 1.04 and 1.10 this year went full rebuild. I have Barkley, m. Sanders ,
D. Montgomery, Evans, Landry, Hollywood,

Considering that you have those other picks, I definitely side with Kenny G. Can grab someone like Dobbins at 1.03 and still get a solid WR at 1.10. Reagor fell to that spot in my rookie draft.

In a vacuum, I’d rather have the 1.04 than Golladay, and just pick the best RB available with that pick. If you can only start 2 RB’s, then it’s probably a good trade for you.

I would take Kenny G. Still have good opportunity with your other picks. Solid at rb already definitely makes your team much better this year and Kenny g is young so long term you are still looking good