1.04 for next years 1.01

Dynasty league. Got a trade offer from a guy who is an expansion team this year. He offered me his first round pick next year for my 1.04 this year. He will probably come in last or maybe even 2nd last. Would this trade be worth it. I would be looking at sanders or harry this year. My team is pretty good and has no immediate needs. Just had a bad run of injuries last year.

I would try to squeeze him for more the next year maybe a 3 or 4th. I believe I heard that next years draft is a powerhouse, but you may want to look into it.

Trust me take this trade ASAP. The draft class next year is loaded at WR and RB. We’re talking like the OBJ Mike Evans draft at WR and similarly stacked at RB, while sanders is nice you’d be looking at 2 first rounders in a draft that will easily be loaded with fantasy superstars. Jerry Juedy, Travis Ettiene D’Andre Swift and Ceedee Lamb just to name a few

Put on the tape of any of those 4 players and you’ll make that trade instantly :joy: