1.04 options

My rookies draft is coming up and it’s a possibility Pitts falls to me. The team with 1.01 and 1.02 made a big move to get Kelce and is taking najee and chase, the team at 1.03 is very weak at RB and has mentioned to me they may take Etienne or Pitts 50/50 I already have Kittle but if Pitts is there do I take him full PPR team is below thanks everyone for the advice in advance

What’s up man! I think you know that Pitts is the pick if he is there. Who else would you take if Harris, Chase and Etienne go? Take Pitts and if he turns out to be everything he is hyped to be then you have a nice bargaining chip with Kittle and could get a haul for him especially if he has another solid season. Could get a nice RB and more for him. Just my thoughts. Good luck!!

Think you gotta go J. Williams if I’m reading your roster correctly. You’re already set at TE and need RB deparately

The guy at 3 decided on Pitts so I got Etienne thanks for the feedback everyone