1.04 Pick Question

Standard league with 1 RB slot.

I have talked to the guys above me, Bell and Gurley will be gone. The guy with 1.03 is undecided between Zeke and Johnson. I like to go RB with my 1st pick so…

Looking for thoughts in what you all think. Option #1 I take whichever is left between Zeke and Johnson (proven elite RBs - if healthy)
Option #2 Buy into the hype a bit and reach down a little for Saquon.

Thanks in advance

explain this 1rb slot thing some more. How many WR and Flex are there? I would lean heavily on Brown if it is a 3WR 1RB 1Flex league. If there is two flex then I would go DJ. Think Arizona will put up more points then Dallas

No wrong answer but I personally take the leftover

1 RB slot
2 WR
1 Flex