1.05 in dynasty rookie draft

I traded the 1.05 for the 2.03, Sammie Watkins & Mariota

Good trade for me from what i remember of your roster, got some nice pieces in place now

That seems like a steal for you - well done!

Current roster
I need a good RB at the 1.04 spot.

This is an okay deal, but honestly — I don’t love it. Your RB group is in serious need of an overhaul, and that 1.05 could’ve really helped. Even the 2.03 could’ve been used on someone you could package or flip for a solid RB/higher pick. Just my two cents!.. But you did definitely make your WR group nasty!

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Yeah that is true. I do still have the 1.04 pick too.

draft guice or freeman. whoever is available at rb at 1.04. Then either keep and ride or die. or package that rook with a johnson or someone for an rb 2 with upside. like mckinnon or something.

I would still stay put, considering your current RBs. You have a chance to get two RB1 potential players.

I’m going to take the best RB available with the 1.04 but who should I target with the 2.03 & 2.07?

I would keep on eye on those WR’s like Kirk, Sutton, and Ridley and see if one of them drop to you. Or if you feel good about one of the rookie Qb’s I would go for it since Mahomes is a rookie and Dalton isn’t the best.

I like Antony Miller & Llamar Jackson. I need a TE too.