1.05 or James Robinson

Hi - 12 team, .5ppr 1 qb, 2rb, 2wr, 1te, 3 flex

Rbs are JT, Akers, CEH, Dobbins, Robinson

Wrs are Allen Robinson, Adam’s, Evans, Cooper, Anderson, Mooney

Te kelce, irv smith

Do I trade Robinson for the 1.05 or keep him and ride with him?

Bad trade. James Robinson is worth much more than just the 1.05. You should expect at least a second late first round pick to go along with the 1.05

Depends on what you believe about J. Rob. If you think that JAX is gonna bring in competition in the draft it is likely worth it as you would be getting one of the big 3 WR or RB in the class. And it isn’t like you are weak at RB.

At this point it is speculative but I would definitely be willing to consider it. I would guess that you would likely wind up with one of Waddle, Smith, Williams or Etienne at that spot.

I would. I think Robinson is just fine…but if you can turn him into draft capitol…I’d do it.