1.08 / 2.03

1QB, 2RB, 2WR, 1TE, 1Flex
My keeper is Conner
Julio Jones @1.08. My options at 2.03 are JuJu, Kelce, Gurley. Thoughts?

I’d be leaning Juju. At 2.03, I’m still trying to mitigate risk.

I have been leaning kelce to give myself a big advantage at TE while being able to come back in rounds 3/4 for my second WR and RB. If for some reason kelce was gone JuJu was my go to. I can’t seem to let go of taking kelce though. Draft is Friday so I have a few days to sort it out.

Chris MacDonald

Gurley, I think he comes back this season strong with something to prove. You have Conner so Gurley would be a solid RB to pair with him.
Kelce is a good pick but I think there are other options at TE as well.
Unless this is PPR, then that may change things slightly.

It is 1 ppr.

Chris MacDonald

Yeah I think Kelce would be a good pick up after then in PPR. His target share is monstrous.

I also believe in gurley