1.1 Draft pick question

2 keeper standard league: Gurley & Kamara are my keepers
I have 1.1 and am staring down Barkley, Adams, or Keenan Allen.
I moved up to 2.4 and traded my 3rd round pick.
My question is: are there more quality RBs or WRs available in those middle rounds? I’d hate to pass on Barkley and him be a stud right away.

There’s definitely more WRs out there in the middle rounds. I’d go Barkley (I’m assuming you have a flex) then just draft pass catchers for the next 5 rounds or so since you’re pretty much set at RB at that point

Take Barkley. This isn’t even close for me. Unless AB is available, it’s Barkley above all the others regardless of what you have.

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Of you can start 3 RBs, take Barkley. Those three together would be absurd.

Thanks fellas. I pretty well had Barkley locked in, but I I guess I needed some reassurance. I like the options I can find to fill WR later in the draft when I mock.