1-1 record but lowest points scored in league? How I come back from this? Trade?

Team is

Phillip Rivers
Brandin Cooks/Josh Gordon
Demarius Thomas/ Chris Hogan
Kenyan Drake

Mike williams
Aaron Jones

What are my best options?

your team isnt bad. You need to stick with them. I would consider trading josh gordon and or chris hogan.

Would you rate my team good? I mean haven’t scored a lot of points. Been trying to trade gordon and/or hogan but can’t get the value I want.

I am targeting a good wr by packaging some of mine. Who should I target on a trade? What do you think?

Its a decent team. you really need WR help. I would say you could trade demaryius thomas for amari cooper. might be able to get cooper for cheap. High risk, high reward.

Your team is really good. don’t do a thing

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Yeah I could try that trade. But someone else just acquired him for cheap so I guess he wants him.

I know I also have made really poor defense starts, well unlucky with the saints week 1 -9 points which have contributed to bad point totals. Also Fournette has been out.

I am still a bit unhappy with the point total and the fact I got GRONK, hogan and gordon. Want to do something about that.

Is it fine to have 3 catch passers from one team?

It limits your ceiling certainly, even the Pats aren’t going to put up 3+ passing TDs most weeks and you have at least 3 other receiving threats in that offense.

its certainly too many pass catchers on the patriots. I would stay put and focus on streaming defense and kickers.

Yeah I just acquired Dan Bailey which I consider a full season signing.

When or how should I handle the pats situation? Should I wait until they perform because I haven’t been able to trade either gordon or hogan the way I would like to.

Most I got offered for gordon was Doug Baldwin. And for Hogan I got offered Devin Funchess. Should I do any of those trades?

I would do gordon for doug baldwin. Its not like you are starting gordon, and his role is unclear with the patriots… When baldwin comes back, he will be a target hog in seattle

I find that if gordon ends up being a beast in pats it won’t be a good trade. Like I am trying to get excellent value for him but can’t