1-2.. Is My Team Weak? 1/2 PPR

Here’s my squad… do I have a weak point I need to fix or something? I’m 8th in my league in points scored (someone in my league has like 3 Chiefs players in their lineup… lol). I feel like it’s strong, but I don’t want to cloud my judgement with hope.

theres no need to have 3 tight ends. change those out and i think your team is stronger

Oh yeah, I have 3 cause Doyle is in the IR slot. I’ve been WRECKED by TEs this year, so I’m so paranoid about it now. What do you think I should change those out with? WR depth or RB depth?

You might want to trade to upgrade your TE, You might be able to package lewis or Enunwa for an upgrade

i didnt see the IR spot! thats better, im not a fan of dissily and i like what pmdrizzles said

I would absolutely get rid of 2 TE and get more depth somewhere else. But if you have that IR spot throw Doyle in there and drop Big Montana ASAP and pick up someone like Boyd, Ridley, Kirk, Buck Allen

Ah ok good plan then. I’ll miss Enunwa! But I think Callaway could emerge, so I’m OK with it.

I’ll have to find out who to target… wonder if I could grab Gronk cause of his recent drop haha

youd have to fork over someone big for gronk, even a bad game doesnt kill his value

Yeah the owner is a HUGE Pats fan as well, so I’ll need to work on who to target.