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#1 & #2 picks in Keeper league


Hi Footclan!

I have #1 & #2 picks in my keeper league. Top available players are L. Bell, A. Brown, J. Jones, J. Nelson, D. Murray, & L. McCoy.

I hate having 2 skill position players from same team. My gut is telling me to go with Brown & Jones, but how do I pass up Bell???

My current keepers will be: J. Howard(10th Rd fee) CJ Anderson(11th) , S. Ware(14th) and maybe D. Carr(13th)

Although I’d pass on top RB, I’d have 2 top WRs(locked up for 4 years) with decent RBs, which is likely fortify at 2.01 pick.

Thoughts? Other possibility to trade down #1 pick for #3 or #4. What would trade back value be?
Team roster:
1pt PPR.
10 teams.


im taking brown and jones all day. you already have a top flight RB, you can get 2 top flight WRs, and then on the come back get another top end RB. so it would look somethin like,

AB, Jones, Howard, Crowell/fournette/miller.


Bell, Jones, Howard, baldwin/cooks/hopkins

if its me im taking option A.


Leaning that way. I may have the guy with #3 pick interested in moving up for Bell now too. I still get my players plus added value.


He’ll yeah man do it. Get that value