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1/2 PPR, keeper question - keep 2


I can keep two at the rounds I drafted them. Thomas is locked, who should my 2nd keeper be?

Mike Evans - 2
Michael Crabtree - 10
Isaiah Crowell - 12
Theo Riddick - 13
Michael Thomas - 15


Crabtree and Thomas would be great buys at that price. Then you still have every draft pick you need to start rb heavy knowing you will get studs at wr late. That’s a great start to a team.


Would be between Crowell and Crabtree. The value is amazing compolared to Evans for 2nd.
By having your first and second round picks you will be to add some high talent while already having secured 2 players valued in the top 3 or 4 rounds.


Also, it’s a10 team league, so hopefully I can still get a top 10 back in the first round and pickup Crowell in the 3rd if I kept Evans and Thomas. Or go RB/RB in the first two rounds if I keep Crabtree and Thomas. Thanks for the input, it gives me something to think about.


Im not huge Evans fan so I lean Crabtree or Crowell. More towards Crabtree. I think he will have a big year and the raiders offense will explode down the field!


The Crow is crazy value I’d go with the RB they are harder to come by imo.


It needs to be Evans…