1/2 PPR Points per first down, Samuels or Kittle?

Bonus for carries and long plays, need upside!

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I’m in just regular PPR and have gone back and forth on this question all week; so, I’m commenting to see what everyone else says

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I am leaning Samuels over Kittle for a couple reasons:

Samuels will start and will be involved in the passing game.

IDK why people think Ridley would get all the goal line work; Samuels has a slight size advantage over Ridley. Goal line work shouldn’t be exclusively for Ridley.

Even in a timeshare like is being reported in the news, an RB in an explosive offense like the Steelers that is going against very bad Raiders DST should still yield exceptional value, better than your non-Ertz/Kelce TE. I’ll take an RB2 with upside all day over your average TE, even Kittle because of the bad matchup and his QB. They played Tampa and looked so unbelievable terrible, so IDK what’s going on going on in SF…

Big Ben is his QB, and Big Ben on the road feel more appealing than Nick Mullens hosting Denver. While Big Ben has big home/road splits, short dump-offs should be in order and Samuels did well making big plays out of screen passes. Kittle is the only real consistent target on SF, but he’s beholden to the QB situation which isn’t great.

Even though a timeshare is talked about in the news, Samuels has gotten more work in relief of Conner when Conner’s been out. Pittsburgh usually runs with one bell-cow back, so I would expect Samuels to be more active and dominate. If Ridley was really going to be the go-to guy, he would have been getting most of the work in the last few weeks and we wouldn’t know Samuels name. Look how well Deangelo Williams performed when Bell was out. It’s the system.

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For what it’s worth I’m starting samuels in my ppr league in the TE spot. I’m a niner fan also. He’s a RB and there a lot of value

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Agreed, an RB2 with upside is preferable to most TE’s, and most are TD or bust… Kittle is the number 3 or so on the year, but the QB’s in SF are kind of a mess and they have an aweful matchup against a resurgent and hungry Broncos team.

Sucks about what happened to the 49ers this year, Jimmy G hurt himself, and the struggles across the board have been difficult. I had high hopes for the 49ers and was excited about seeing them play well this year. For what’s it’s worth my Eagles have crashed and burned in spectacular fashion…