1/2 PPR TRADE: Kupp for Mack

Got a trade offer to get Marlon Mack for Cooper Kupp.

My RB depth is kinda crappy so I was considering it: David Johnson, Devonta, Coleman, Gore, Pollard

Current WR: Lockett, Kupp, Robby Anderson, Dede, Crowder, and Harry

Love to get thoughts

I’d probably take that deal. I think you’re overpaying (slightly) for Mack but you need more RB depth. I’m not sure what’s going on with David Johnson but the fact that they signed 2 new RBs does not bode well for his short-term availability.

I think Mack is going to have a great week against the imploding Broncos.

RB: Mack, Freeman
WR: Lockette, Dede (if he plays)
Flex: Coleman (Robby/Crowder?)

Not a bad line up.

I think it’s probably worth it as well. See if you can get him to wait until after Sunday, that way you get the points for Kupp vs. Cinci, which in a PPR league should have some good upside.

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