1-2 record what to do- Trade or Drop

12 team standard.

Ryan, Winston
Zeke, Conner, Samuels, Mostert, R Freeman, Miles Sanders
Cooks, Godwin, Ridley, Alshon
Gostkowski, Vikings.

Best available on waivers

Shepard, Hardman , Gallman

Thanks for any advice.

Shepard must be owned. He would be my priority.

Why 2 QBs? Assume redraft.

Thanks who would you drop for him.

It is a redraft league with only 1 QB but alot have 2 QB and someone has 3 believe it or not so thought it would be best to keep 2 ?

I’d consider Mostert. Coleman back soon and on bye. Could possibly drop and pick up later if you still want him longer term.

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Tough call but might be the best one

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Drop the second QB. Stream the position if need be. You lose a lot of potential having one on the bench.


Who would you drop for looking at my roster.

Others on waivers are Galman, Burkhead, R Jones , Mattison, Dorsett, Shepard, Hardman

Shepard should be your first pick and gallman after that. Both should be starting values with Shepard being a low WR1 high 2 and gallman being a flex/wait to see option.

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Who would you guys drop and how many .

You could afford to drop Mostert and Winston. I don’t see much upside in keeping both. And you can stream a quarterback when needed as well as drop a less hopeful running back.

Which 2 would you pick up. Thanks

Shepard and one of the running backs on the waiver. Gallman has potential but the stats show he’s not the best option and the other guys share time=high risk week to week.

Probably will have waiver 6 or 7 so will focus on Shepard as Gallman probably will get picked up I would think .

Someone dropped Hollywood Brown

Sterling or Brown the better pick up?


Its still Sterling Shepard, but Hollywood Brown is really interesting.

Have the 4th waiver pick. Not sure if Gallman will be there and not even sure I want him -Thoughts?

If not want to pick up one or possibly 2 of the following. Which ones and who to drop. Thanks

Sterling, Hollywood, Hardman , Dorsett.

Drop Winston and pick up Gallman for the RB depth

Hollywood would be next then Sterling then Dorsett

Who would your second drop be.

Probably Mostert ?