1-2 record with 3 Trade offers. Any Advice?

I’m in a 12 man, full PPR league.

Current roster is as follows:
Dak, R. Woods, M. Williams, C. McCaffrey, C. Hyde, M. Sanders, T. Eifert
Damien Williams, D. Jackson, D. Westbrook, T. Hill, D. Lewis, Darrel Williams,

Here are the trades:
#1 give up Tyreke Hill
Get E. Sanders, N. Agholor, V. McDonald

#2 give up Miles Sanders
Get M. Hardman

#3 Give up Christian McCaffrey
Get A. Jones & S. Watkins

What should i do??

I am also on the last day for these trades to be accepted.

I would stick with what you got. And definitely don’t get rid of McCaffrey, I think he will be #1 RB this year.

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None of them. Would rather have your guys than anything you’d be getting in return.

I wouldnt take any of those trades. They are trying to rob you because of your record. No need to panic.

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