1-3...looking for advice

10-team full-PPR redraft.

QB: Brady
RBs: CMC, Najee, Patterson, Javonte, Chuba
WRs: Godwin, AJB, Shenault, Corey Davis, Anderson, Aiyuk, M Thomas (PUP)
TE: Hockenson

I feel like I should NOT be 1-3. This past week, playing Patterson over Aiyuk and Shenault over Chark would have gotten me the win, but no one was starting Shenault last week. In week 3, I started CMC/AJB/Shepard. Tough break. In week 2, I could have won by not playing both Chark and Shenault and playing Shepard instead of either of them.

I feel like this is just me constantly making the wrong lineup decisions. Would you guys be trying to make any trade moves? Or do I just need to relax?

Once CMC comes back you are solid at RB with Patterson and Harris. WR seems to be your weak area. I would be putting Patterson in your flex over a WR until you make some moves. So that leaves you with Shenault and corey davis as your WR2 option. Hang in there, bye weeks are coming and mangers with no depth will start to struggle. My team is 0-4 because I have the most points scored against me for my whole league by 120 points. It never mattered what line up I made I would have lost anyway. Fantasy is fickle and you just have to go with your gut and be persistent.

Yeah I’m disappointed with the WRs I have other than Godwin, who has been super consistent. But AJB is pissing me off. Rub some damn dirt in it and go do your job. The injuries are starting to annoy me. These guys know you have to stretch before games, right?