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1-3 need flex and wr help


need a wide receiver and flex out of these guys - in a half ppr league

tyreek hill
ty hilton
marshawn lynch
devin funchess
danny amendola

starting deshaun watson
aj green
melvin gordon
bilal powell
and charles clay


I lean hill and Hilton because they are the best players. Hilton has a good matchup and it’s just hard to not start Hill


Thanks, that’s what I was leaning but then the guys were going off about anendola and having to start him and I do like starting running backs cause you know they’ll have carries but Marshawn has sucked. I want to trade him for someone but don’t know how to go about it


I would say hill and amendola…

pleast help with mine…


I think I’d go amendola and Parker. Think I’ll be streaming jets d so I hope Duke Johnson doesn’t do too well