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1-3 Need help, fantasy noob :(


It’s my first time playing fantasy football in a competitive 10 person league. My team as a whole scored a depressing score of 20 points this week in a standard league and I feel like I need to make adjustments now.

Current roster:
QB: Matt Ryan
RB: Marshawn Lynch
RB2: Joe Mixon
WR: Julio Jones
WR2: Amari Cooper
TE: Jason Witten
Flex: Tarik Cohen
D: Tampa Bay
K: Dan Bailey

Rob Kelly
Texans Defense
M. Bennett
Desean Jackson
Randall Cobb
B. Roethlisberger
Alfred Morris

I’m definitely going to start the Texans Defense from here on out but I’m in need of advice on what trades or waiver wire moves I should try and pursue to make? Any advice would be greatly appreciated, thank you!


This is tough. You need a huge upgrade at RB for sure. You need to be starting Cobb. Try to trade lynch if you can. Package him with Mixon to see if you can get an upgrade at RB. You wont be able to get a huge upgrade but anything will be better. Need to start Kelly from here on out. Start working the waiver wire as well. WHos available on your waivers?


Andrew Ellington
Elijah McGuire
Eddie Lacy
Devin Funchess
Jordan Matthew
Tyler Lockett
JJ Nelson

those are the only real notable players available in the waivers, thanks for the advice though I’ll keep that in mind and try to get a better RB. I was offered Chris Hogan and Melvin Gordon for Julio but was sure if that would be a good trade


If jordy is on waivers you need to do anything you can to grab him. You sure its not JJ nelson? But I would take fliers on McGuire, Ellington, Funchess and maybe lacy. But jordy and funchess top priorities.


its JJ Nelson,sorry lol


Grab him too hes still a legit fantasy WR. Also maybe try to package Matt Ryan With Tarik and see if you can get a good RB from someone whos RB heavy. Its all team dependent. If someone is RB heavy with no QB you might be able to coax one from them. In your situation I would say your only untouchable should be Julio, but again, if you can get a good return no one is really untouchable.


Also, never start with your best offer. Start with a low ball and work your way up when trading.


The guy wanting Julio is a die hard Falcon’s fan, he has both Ajayi and Gordon if i could some how get them for Julio + some of my bench would it be a good move? Also, thank you so much for the advice!


Ya it might not be a bad move. Julio is kind of injury prone, especially this year so if you could get either one of them, both or one of them plus a decent WR you should do it. has he offered you anything for Julio?


He’s offered:
Gore + fuller + K.Benjamin
Melvin/Ajayi + Benjamin
Melvin/Ajayi + Hogan


Take Melvin/Ajayi and hogan for Julio all day


the “/” means or not both, sorry


oh wait its either or. I would take Melvin and hogan


But i would try to squeeze one more lower end rb or wr out of him if you can


Okay! Again, thanks for everything!


My pleasure! hope it works out!