1-3 Pivot Trade

1-3 team in a 10 man .5 ppr leage. Drafted out of the 10th spot.
QB: Wilson
RB. Bell, Jacobs, Mack, Ronald Jones, Tevin Coleman, Latavius Murray
WR: Devante Adams, Golloday, Boyd, Mclaurin, Debo Samuel
TE: Ertz, Hockinson

I feel like i have a solid team despite the results, and i could see myself standing pat with this team and being alright

I’m also Getting offered Chubb, Beckham and Engram for Ertz and Bell, would you guys recommend doing that kind of a shake up. I’m a little concerned loosing the volume that Bell has for Chubb simply because Hunt figures to have a role eventually.

I could also try and package Bell and a WR for like CMC or something but again, i don’t know.

What do you guys think

Last year I learned one thing, CMC is a blessing, if you can get him on your team I would definitely prefer him over bell this year. Maybe Bell will bounce back when Darnold returns but that’s the only hope for him I think.

Personally I would take the trade offered to you, unless you are certain you can get CMC