1-3 record...should i make any changes?

I am 1-3 in my full PPR 10 team league. Should be 3-1 in close defeats but hindsight is 20/20

Any suggestions the footclan to make to get some wins?
John Brown, Jordan Howard are on the waivers.
My team:
QB: Lamar Jackson
RBS: Lev Bell, Gurley, Chris Carson, David Montegomry, Singletary, penny
WRs: Thielen, Robert Woods, Mike Williams, DJax, Ajayi
TE: OJ, Mark Andrews

I would try and package Carson or Mont with Thielen and upgrade at WR. I’m a huge Thielen fan but they legit seem to hate passing the ball in Minnesota and it is so frustrating. I just traded Thielen away and while I hate to see him go, I’m a bit relieved.

Anyway, I would look to upgrade at WR and I think you are ok everywhere else.

Thanks but my league isnt really high on carson. Maybe after his nice performance this weekend they will be. I tried to shop him around last week but no one was taking.

Any WRs you had in mind i could get with packaging them both together

I’m pretty high on Carson now that he had a good game yesterday. You could try shopping him again. However, I think you could also try doing Gurley and Thielen for someone like Godwin or Julio. Or maybe flip Woods on a high week with Penny or Monty for Kupp.

don’t think gurley will be more consistant like this past performance?

He certainly could be. It’s a risk for sure. But Carson might also be more consistent now and Sinlgetary could finish the year well. I just mentioned Gurley because he probably gives you the best chance to upgrade a WR. Without the touchdowns in week 2 and 4, though, he’d only have 7.5 points and 9.5 points (according to my .5ppr league). You could wait a week and see what happens too, SEA hasn’t bee great against RBs this year.

you think hopkins would be in play with a string of bad performances he has had. If i do gurley/carson and thielen?

Probably depends on what that owner needs, but it’s worth a shot. I have Hopkins in a league and would probably bite on that because I need RB help lol.

I love my team on paper but they are underperforming like hell. I’ll try hopkins or scary terry or even sterling sheperard. Hopkin’s guy has all 3 on his team. But if im going for scary terry or sheperard i wont be giving up two pieces like gurley/carson and thielen