1-3 should i make moves or sit tight?

Half ppr I’m trying to shop for an upgrade at WR1. The 2 offers below will likely be rejected…if so should i just sit tight?

I offered Thielen and McAndrews for Dhop (who has been underperforming)
I offered McLaurin and McAndrews for Robert Woods

RBs: Saquon (out), Carson, Aaron Jones, David Montgomery
WRs: Thielen, Lockett, Boyd, Djax, McLaurin
TEs: Kelce, McAndrews

I assume “McAndrews” is Mark Andrews? If so Thielen and him for Hopkins isn’t going to happen.

The other one has a shot, although McLaurin being injured this last week and Woods having his first big week makes it a little less likely than before week 4. I would be looking at teams with weak TE’s and try to trade Andrews which you are trying to do.

Really like your team. Unfortunately, you have some guys under-producing (Carson, A. Jones, Montgomery, Theilen, Boyd, even Kelce a bit).

I would sit tight and hope they come around. Otherwise you are selling very low on half your roster.

At 1-3, you are still very much in the playoff hunt I’m guessing. Get a win this week.

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Lol Andrews, yes. I must be McTired. Yeah those two teams have super weak TEs.