1-4 Need HELP!

1/2 PPR, My Keepers were Odell and Saquan this year… :expressionless:

  • I had Lamar Miller, Saquan, Sony and D. Freeman to start the year…
  • I missed Gallman in Waivers by 4 dollars of FAB. Then traded Lockett for Gallman and E. Sanders. :scream:

Trying to turn this sinking ship around today, since I anticipate Saquan returning this week.

Here is my team:

Potential Trades:

  • Sony for Alshon - I like this one but the owner has not yet confirmed
  • Sony for Cooks - owner did confirm he would
  • Beckham and Wentz for Theilen and Jamis (Josh Allen and Cam are FA’s)
  • Godwin & Mixon for Saquan and Michel (I’m not really into this one)

Thanks in Advanced.

keeper league no way i part with OBJ or Saquon, unless it was for another high end player, other than that id lean to the Sony for Cooks/Alshon

and maybe close some internet tabs hahaha

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I don’t want to trade Saquan for sure, This is my last year with OBJ, so he will no longer by mine, but I can trade him to another and he’ll be a 7th round draft pick loss next year.

I’m supposed to be working LMAO