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1-4 standard league shame - time to make MORE moves?


Standard 10 team league im currently dead last at 1-4… i might be in denial but my team doesnt feel like a 1-4 team. Do i hold on or do i try and make some serious team changes…? I unfortunately attribute early losses to drafting Chris hogan and amari cooper… ive made a ton of trades already but my team shit the bed this week and had injuries.

QBs: J. Goff

WRs: Ty Hilton
C. Kupp
J. Landry
G. Tate
A. Cooper
K. Cole

RBs: E. Elliott
C. McCaffrey
J. Howard
Tarik Cohen

TE: Kyle Rudolph
K/DST: D. Bailey, Minnesota (stream)


No way that roster shit the bed. You must’ve left ton-o points on the bench. You have a solid squad man. Stay the course.


once hilton is back and hopefully landry getting more targets you will have a really good team


Alright ill hold tight, reassuring to hear others thinking my team will bounce back as well.


I feel ya. nothing is makes me feel better than having people second my thoughts on my team


Agree with the guys you have a good roster, i’d be willing to bet you’ve just been unlucky and come up against some of those teams that have someone blow up out of the blue! Don’t worry you’ll be fine, things will revert back to the mean for sure


Yeah… i really relate with Jason as i went up against the mahomes stack one week and a cousins thielen stack another


Yeah there’s not much you can do when that happens man, it’s tough and wont happen every week just bad luck you’ve hit more than one of those so early on.

Use your strong roster and waiver priority, even on FAAB you’ll win on priority and stockpile the talent focus on the rest of the season you’ll be fine.


Your team is too good to continue this trend. I’m in a similar boat, consistently a top 3 scorer in the league but somehow matching up with whoever got the most points that week.

Like James said utilize your waiver priority to stockpile and maybe even flip talent to make you team even stronger. You’re depth could end up stronger than some teams lol