1-4 Team Trade Help! HELP PLEASE

Hey guys, 10 team full PPR league…I am 1-4 in the league feeling I have to make moves.

TRAED: Dj, Boyd, and Jared cook for Mike evans and Gronk

My team:
Mike thomas
Emmanual sanders
Jared Cook
Sony Michel

Bench: Tyler Boyd, dion lewis, Wendell Smallwood…

Do you guys think I need to make this trade being 1-4 and i am also playing the best team in the league without mike thomas this week

This is a fair trade, and given that you still have Zeke and Michel, I think i would pull the trigger here.

I am just worried about gronk

Please I would love more input with this trade!

Don’t be, you have cook gronk is good for maybe 10-14 points a game but cook right now is being better

Gronk is going to get much better ROS and be more consistent than Jared Cook. I like this trade and I think you should take it.

Yeah get Gronk. Yes he will be banged up a little thru the season here and there as always, but finally now NE have a full WR core to make defences back off a bit (and play deeper with Josh Gordons flatout speed)
As a result, Gronk should man handle anyone that is left to single cover him from here out.