1-5 - Big Move Trade Help

0.5 PPR

I’m 1-5 and I think I need to make some moves and get depth.
WR: Thielen, Golladay, T. Smith
RB: CMC, Clement, J. Allen, R. Freeman


J. Gordon
C. Thompson or Breida
D. Thomas or Goodwin or Gabriel

im 4-2 with a very deep team i just traded away diggs tate david johnson and clement for thielan lindsay fournette i think you can get a better return for thielan if you shop him right i gave alot to get him cause im deep but he is worth it

Yes its hard in our league I feel like because its a 14 team league

yah thats tough thielan is a stud so i wouldnt trade him unless higher return he can win weeks i know yyour in a hole but he could get you out of it this week against the jets cant wait