1-5 HELPPPP Don't know what to do with my teamn( I''l attach pics of my team)

Any recommendations? Trades I should go for or players I should sell?

You look deep in Rbs. Try packaging two rbs you can spare for an upgrade in a wr that may be more reliable.

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Package Cooks and an RB to upgrade at WR

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What Rbs would be best to use to upgrade?

Should I try trading Cook and Cooks for Chubb and Julio Jones?

Noooo, Dont trade dalvin!!
Dalvin and Johnson are your top 2 rbs. You hold those. Singletary should have a nice schedule coming up. Sell that with a wr

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So singletary and cooks? The Keenan allen owner does not want to give him away lol What are other WR i should target?