1-5 This season and starting to lose faith

I feel like there is no winning with this team, does anyone have any suggestions on what to do with this pile of inconsistency?

QB:Drew Brees
RB1:Devonta Freeman
RB2:Jordan Howard
WR1:Chris Hogan
WR2:Tyreek Hill
TE:Jordan Reed
Flex:Adrian Peterson
K:Will Lutz/stream

bench: Alvin Kamara, Willie Snead, Alex Smith, Demaryius Thomas, Marshawn Lynch

I won week 1 and after losing weeks 2&3 I have been trying to pick guys from the waivers I thought that could make an impact. But no matter who I have gone with I just have gotten pounded.

If anyone has any suggestions I would love to hear them.

That is a solid team. Maybe you’re just falling victim to some unfortunate scheduling. I would start starting D. Thomas as WR is definitely your weakest position. Maybe you can package a couple players to trade and get a decent WR.

Otherwise maybe stay patient? This isn’t a bad looking team at all in my opinion.

I agree with @tlp27, you have a decent team. In addition to working on your WR, I would start Smith as a plug and play in addition to paying attention to special teams and Def per schedule strength.

Hang in there! We still have many games this season filled with trades, injuries, and drama!

Thanks for the opinions. :slight_smile: My league just sucks since no one wants to trade at all. There has been 0 trades the whole season and this is a 12-team league… i have tried to make 6 trades for WR and no one has bit. Just need to try to find something from the waivers.

I agree with the others. Looks like you’re mostly falling victim to scheduling issues. Also in my experience trades seem to be rare. My most competitive league only gets a couple when 2 teams fall out of contention and are making last ditch efforts to turn it around. Your best bet is to try and work with another struggling team.