1 Auction Keeper / Dynasty Owner Needed - $100 buy in

One owner needed for this auction keeper / dynasty league with $100 buy in. Below are the details of the available team and the league setup/bylaws. Send an email to voluntarycoltsfan@yahoo.com if interested!


Available Roster:

Marcus Mariota QB TEN $14 2018
Jay Ajayi RB PHI $6 2018
Mark Ingram RB NOR $15 2019
Jalen Richard RB OAK $1 2019
Devin Funchess WR CAR $8 2019
Cooper Kupp WR LAR $6 2020
Marqise Lee WR JAC $2 2019
Jimmy Graham TE GNB $11 2018
Matt Prater K DET $4 2019
Dallas Cowboys D/ST DAL $1 2019
Dak Prescott QB DAL $18 2019
Matt Ryan QB ATL $25 2019
Ezekiel Elliott RB DAL $67 2019
Matt Forte RB NYJ $4 2019
Wayne Gallman RB NYG $1 2020
Mike Gillislee RB NWE $1 2019
Cole Beasley WR DAL $3 2019
Travis Benjamin WR LAC $1 2019
Allen Hurns WR DAL $2 2019
Jeremy Maclin WR BAL $7 2019
Sammy Watkins WR KAN $15 2019
Martellus Bennett TE NWE $10 2019
Mason Crosby K GNB $2 2019
Los Angeles Rams D/ST LAR $9 2019

League Bylaws:
Last Updated: 9/11/17
League Format Format: $100 buy-in, all-play, half PPR
$100 buy-in. That is the only expense each season.

13-week regular season. You will play each team each week during the regular season and your score will determine your win/loss record for the week. (E.g. If there are 12 teams in the league and you outscore 8 of them in week 1, your record heading into week 2 is 8-3.) You will accumulate wins and losses over 13 weeks, which will be aggregated each week.
Playoff Format A five team, three week all-play
The five best records will advance to the playoffs beginning in week 14. If there is a tie for the 5th spot, the team with the most points scored advances. If still tied, then both/all teams involved in the tie will advance.

All teams in the playoffs will play in a three-week, most total points scenario where every team starts at 0 points to begin week 14. The top 3 cumulative scores will be awarded 1st, 2nd and 3rd.
Draft Format A 24 round, auction draft with $250 cap
Nominations will take place in reverse order of standings.

This hard cap also applies to waivers/trades (see below for salary cap details).
Salary Cap The value of your team may never exceed $250
You have a 24-man roster. Players’ salaries are the price at which they were acquired, either through the auction draft or waivers (see below for waiver details). Salaries will subsequently increase before the beginning of each season (see below for increase details).

54% of a player’s salary rounded to the nearest whole dollar will be restored when a player is cut (why 54%? Because the website is dumb).

All salary cap penalties are wiped clean at the beginning of the following season’s auction draft (i.e. you will have $250 minus the value of your kept roster to bid with).
Waiver Format Blind bidding, with three waiver periods each week
The waiver pool will open on the last Tuesday before the first regular season game.

Upon opening, there will be three waiver periods each week: Wednesday, Friday and Saturday. Final bids for each period will be accepted until 7PM EST on the days specified above, at which time, high bids will be calculated and players awarded. Minimum bid on all players is $1.

This process will repeat through week 10 of the NFL season, at which point waiver activity will be frozen until the following season.

Throughout the season, waiver moves can be made only within the confines of the salary cap. If you use all $250 during the auction, you have to free up cap space during blind bidding by waiving a player first.
Starting Lineup 10 starters: 1 QB, 2 RB, 3 WR, 1 TE, 1 Flex, 1 K, 1 D/ST
There is no starting lineup deadline enforced by our league. However, once a game begins, players participating in that game cannot be started or benched.
Scoring Format General scoring rules:
• 4 pts per passing TD, 6 pts for all other TDs (including recoveries/returns)
• 0.04 pts per 1 yd passing, 0.1 pts per 1 yd rushing and receiving, 0.5 pts per reception
• D/STs earn pts for INTs, FRs, safeties, blocked kicks, TDs, bonus pts for pts allowed, yds allowed (penalties for same)
• Ks earn 3 pts per FG + 0.1 bonus pts for every yard over 30 yds, 1 pt for PATs, penalties for missed PATs (-1) and missed FGs (-1)

Click here for complete scoring breakdown.

Trades and Vetoes Trade regulations are as follows:
As with waivers, all trades must be made within the confines of the salary cap. Unbalanced trades may be made so long as neither team exceeds 24 players and neither team’s new salary cap exceeds $250.

Trades must be processed prior to Sunday, thus the deadline to propose and accept a trade is 11:59 PM on Friday. Trades will reopen on Tuesday of the following week.
Trading is allowed through week 10. For rationale, see Waiver Format above.

All trades are posted for league vote for 24 hours. To be rejected, the trade must be blocked by 4 owners. If the trade does not receive 4 “blocks” in the 24-hour window, it is approved. Owners are not required to vote for or against trades. Commissioner does have the right to postpone a trade to extend voting period.

When voting on trades, please keep a few things in mind:

  1. Trades don’t have to be 100% balanced at the present time, either in quantity or quality. Since our league is a dynasty, we must allow owners to look to the future and accept players that may not have a lot of current value.
  2. Just because you wouldn’t do it doesn’t make it unfair. We must provide some latitude for owners to speculate on future outcomes, which involves risk and may not work in their best interests long-term.
  3. Overall, please carefully consider rejecting trades between other teams. We want to collectively veto grossly unbalanced trades to preserve league integrity, but all other trades should go through.
    Offseason Trades Following the final week of the playoffs, offseason trades are permitted and subject to the same rules as regular season trades.
    Keeper Format Keeper format is as follows:
    Any player acquired via auction or waiver is automatically signed to a 3-year contract for non-rookies, and 4-year contract for rookies. Said players’ salary is the price at which he was acquired. This contract will follow the player until (1) it expires, or (2) the player is cut, either during the season or in the offseason.

Heading into each successive season, you may “franchise” one player from your roster. Your “franchised” player’s current salary will increase by 10%. All other kept players’ salaries will escalate by 20% (rounded to the nearest whole dollar, with a minimum $1 increase).

All players waived after week 10 are returned to the following year’s auction pool, their full value is returned to your cap space and their auction value begins at $0.
The keeper deadline will be 72 hours prior to the draft. If a kept player experiences a status change* between the keeper deadline and the draft he may be retroactively released by his owner at no salary cap hit.

  • = status change is defined as cut/waived by his NFL team, placed on PUP, placed on the NFI, placed on IR, placed on Commission Exempt List, or suspended. However, commissioner has final authority to determine if an event not specified qualifies as a status change.
    Payouts Each owner is subject to a buy-in of $100, which leaves, after $90 for the website, a $1,110 purse for payouts. The payouts are as follows:

Place Apx. pct.
of purse Payout
Champ 35% $400*
2nd 20% $225*
3rd 10% $100*
Champ 25% $275*
2nd 10% $110*

  • = Any ties between two or more teams will be broken by (1) total points scored (2) total points scored + bench points (3) points scored in the final week of the season/playoffs; if still tied, will continue to the previous week. In the event that the tie is still not broken (breaking a statistical impossibility!) then the money will be split evenly.

Note: after a three-way tie is broken, the remaining two teams will go through the above tie-breakers starting over with the first tie-breaker.
Rule 1 Releasing and Then Resigning a Player (A) Players who are waived during the season may not be bid upon by the owner that released him until the following waiver period.

This is to ensure owners do not manipulate a player’s salary.

(B) Players who are waived and then legally resigned within the season, even at a different salary, will not be given a new “contract” in terms of years (E.g. If a player is $12 with 2 years remaining and is cut in week 3, but picked up in week 8 for $3 by the same team, he will still only have 2 years remaining on his contract).

This is to ensure owners do not manipulate a player’s contract.
Rule 2 Players Waived After Being Placed on IR A player placed on IR may be waived and half his salary will be recovered by the owner who waives him. However, that player may not be claimed until either (1) he is activated off of IR or (2) the following year’s auction draft.
Rule 3 Replacement for Injured Player After Waivers Have Closed After waivers have been closed, in the event that a team does not have an available player to start at a position due to the fact that at least one player is injured* or suspended**, the owner has the option to add the points for that week of a player who plays the same position and is on the same NFL team as the owner’s injured/suspended player(s), so long as he is unowned.

  • = Player’s inactive for personal reasons qualifies as injured
    ** = Commissioners Exempt List qualifies as suspended

Example: Team A rosters Rob Gronkowski and Jordan Reed. In week 11, Jordan Reed is suspended for the remainder of the season. In week 12, Rob Gronkoski is injured and will miss week 13. Owner A may now choose to add the points from a TE on either the New England Patriots or Washington Redskins roster. However, Dwayne Allen is already rostered by Team B, so he is not available for Team A to select. Team A therefore chooses to add New England’s TE Matt Lengel. The points that Matt Lengel scores will be added Team A’s point total for week 13. This process will be repeated if necessary the following weeks.
Rule 4 Contingency Trades (A) Contingency trades are allowed. However, for a contingent trade to be enforced by the league, a thoroughly written agreement must be sent to the commissioner with both parties’ approval.

(B) Contingency trades with non-written agreements are acceptable, but are operated upon good faith, and are not enforceable by the league.
Rule 5 Expulsion of an Owner Addition/expulsion of an owner are as follows:
An owner may voluntarily leave the league at any time by simply notifying the commissioner. An owner may also be expelled from the league by the commissioner without vote for one of the following reasons:

A. Apathy: If the owner fails to manage his team such that his apathy is detrimental to his success for multiple weeks, he can be expelled by the commissioner. As an example, an owner fails on multiple occasions to remove bye week or injured players from his starting lineup.
B. Abuse: If one owner is abusive of another, he can be expelled by the commissioner. As an example, an owner sends nasty emails repeatedly or leaves personal “trash talk” on the message board directed at another owner.
C. Non-payment: If an owner fails to pay his entry fee, he can – and will – be expelled from the league. All entry fees are due by Sunday, Sept. 13.

Owners may request a fellow owner be expelled based on other grounds. They may petition the commissioner with just cause. The matter will then be up for league vote, requiring 50% to pass.
Rule 6
Rule Changes The commissioner has the authority to make any necessary changes in rules and procedures.

(A) Any rule or ruling made by the commissioner can be appealed and put to league vote, requiring majority vote to dismiss change.

(B) Any rule may be proposed to the commissioner and implemented. If the commissioner rejects an owner’s proposal, the owner has the right to take the proposed rule change to the league, requiring a majority vote to pass.
Rule 7
Manipulation Clause (A) If at any time the Commissioner feels a player has manipulated a situation unfairly in anyway, said manipulation can be undone.

(B) Decision can be appealed to a league vote and requires a majority vote to veto the commissioner’s ruling.
Rule 8
Punishment for Nonpayment (A) As an incentive to pay earlier rather than later, owners who have not paid by the beginning of the season will receive a 25-point reduction each week during the regular season that their entry fee remains unpaid.

(B) If this persists, expulsion may be necessary.
Rule 9
Player Position Changes (A) If a player changes* positions in the middle of the season, that player will be eligible to be played at either his old position or new position, even though RTS will not allow this.

*Determined on a case by case basis by Commissioner.

(B) Commissioner’s ruling can be put to a league vote, requiring a majority vote to veto Commissioner’s ruling.

Hey @MacAttack6580 I saw you’re post in another forum and wanted to tag you in this to see if you were interested??

Lemme look it over tomorrow. Allot of reading, wish it had a podcast. Most probs I am down, jus give me 24 hours. SBK out

Sounds good! Sorry for the length, I’ve learned being detailed is important in serious leagues! Haha

Yes I would for sure love to join this league if you have a spot open.