#1 draft pick, second/third round picks

Hello All,

So my draft is tonight, 10 team Standard league. I got the #1 pick and will be going with Bell or Gurley. I am having so issues with my 2/3 pick.

In most mock drafts so far, I can get Gronk and usually Keenen Allen or Devante Adams as my 2.10 and 3.1 picks. Usually the top 2 tier RBs are gone by my turn. Is it silly to go for Gronk? I know he will not come back to me.


You should take gronk in back half of the 2nd if he is there no doubt.

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If gronk is there at the end of the 2nd, in a 10 man league, I am taking him no question.

Then, probably taken Allen over adams. Fine with going those back to back. RBs around that area I don’t really like.

Just last night drafted second and got Bell Gronk Allen. Love that trio

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Allen in the 3rd is robbery.

I am PRAYING for this exact trio in my draft tomorrow night.