# 1 draft pick

I’ve got the #1 pick and can’t decide between bell or Gurley. I need some help deciding. Any help is appreciated. Who you got? (PPR)

I just had the 1.01 in a 12 team PPR so I feel your pain.

On the Bell side, although he’s been the most consistent RB1 in recent years I don’t see this one playing out as years past. Yeah he’ll probably end up and an RB1 but with the contract struggles in PIT I see the Steelers getting all they can out of Bell and putting his injury risk at a but of an increase. I don’t have any solid evidence to back this up but it’s just a feeling, Bell isn’t gonna play 16 games and is a bit more of a risk for me.

Gurley put up a huge year last year, and yes he will have regression, but I don’t see it being as drastic as some think. Their line is healthy and graded in the top 10 of PPF (as is the Steelers). They added more pieces to the offense to allow them to spread the ball more downfield and prevent teams for stacking the box against the run more. Really there hasn’t been any crazy injury or negative press coming out of LA besides people assuming a decreased year from then. Again this is more speculation than anything in my part so i apologize for the lack of much hard stats.

In the end I went with Gurley just for what I though was a safer pick with a better floor. You won’t go wrong with either, both will be studs. You just have to be okay with who you end up with and ride them as your stud all year! Good luck drafting and hope this helps a little!

I also have the #1 pick in my 12 team 0.5 ppr draft, and I think I’m going David Johnson, so one more wrench to throw in the mechanism. Of those 2, I’d probably go Gurley