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#1 Draft Spot (2nd & 3rd round pick)


Hey guys! I’m drafting from the #1 spot in a 12 team redraft league (half point PPR). 1 QB, 2WR, 2RB, 1TE, 1Flex, Def, K. This is only my second year to play so any advice would be great.

I’m taking DJ Round 1. I’m struggling with my Round 2/3 decision. I’d like to take a couple of WR’s here but can’t decide who to go with. Amari Cooper appears to be an option at this 2/3 turn but I can’t decide if he is consistent enough for me to go with.

What are your thoughts on going with Demaryius Thomas since he seems to be pretty consistent and taking Brandon Cooks as the boom/bust? My thought is Crabtree might be available in that 4/5 turn.

Also, would love to hear what your 2/3 picks might be outside of these players.


I am drafting 2nd in my league so I will have Bell/DJ also. I am going RB RB for first 2 picks then a WR. I like locking up 2 bell cows then taking a solid WR. I am going for Fournette or Zeke and Then Cooks. I don’t think Demaryius will be there by the time you pick but I would get him if so!


Hello JT,

I am drafting second in a 12 team so in a similar situation. I think that it depends on what is available what your strategy should be. If people went WR heavy in the first two rounds, they will more than likely flip to RB and some good WRs might be available at the 4/5 turn (like Crabtree, Allen, Cooks, Adams)

Some guys to keep a look out for here are Todd Gurley and Lamar Miller. If you get one of those with DJ you are pretty much set at RBs and can focus on WR for the next few rounds.

If the top RBs are gone, then you can look to target Cooper, Hopkins, Hilton, Baldwin, Demaryius Thomas, Pryor. Pick up one or two of those to go along with DJ would be a great start as well then pick best player available going forward.

I just did a mock this morning and went Bell, D. Thomas, Baldwin, then on the swing back picked up Crabtree and Dalvin Cook. If that were my first 5 picks, I would be very happy.

I know I really didn’t help much but mock drafting helps. Looking at who people are drafting might help you predict what type of player may fall to you next picks.


I would look at Cooper and McCaffery personally. In the PPR situation he will be a decent floor on a team where Stewart isn’t the picture of durability either. Cooper has elite upside, but plays in a really tough division which is rough


I think you always look at who’s available. It’s good to have a game plan, but sometimes drafts go vastly different from what we expect. I think at that 2/3 turn your looking at people like Amari, Dez or Cooks at WR and the likes of Isaiah Crowell, Marshawn Lynch etc at RB. I think given the league format (2 WR, 2RB’s) I’d lean towards picking up a good RB in the 2nd/3rd round and then filling out from there. There’s also the possibility of Gronk being available at that position as well and not something to overlook. It’s a tough choice for sure.