1 Keeper, 8 team Draft advice

Hey everyone im looking for some draft advice. Im in a 8 team std league with 1 Keeper (no penalty). My keeper is CMC. I’ve scouted out all the other teams and pretty much who they’re keeping. Our keepers are basically our 1st round picks then we start the snake draft in round 2. Im picking 4th. My advice is should I go RB heavy or go after a top WR tier (like Diggs or Ridley) first then come back for RB?

Go RB first. There will be a lot more talent at WR on the snake back than at RB.

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I agree with @kelderhousepa.

Rounds 1/2 are your worthy RB rounds where as rounds 3-6 are your WR rounds, possibly an elite TE, as WRs have waaaaay more depth than RBs.