1 Keeper Hunt or Ertz in Auction League

Keeper league. I can keep 1.
K Hunt for $31 or Ertz for $16.
I’m lost, any advice would be greatly appreciated.

I don’t know much about auction leagues / player value… But I would still recommend Hunt regardless. RBs are so much more valuable, and the TE options are deep this year.

Hunt at $31 for me. Assuming this is a $200 budget

HUNT. haven’t done many keeper leagues before, but to people who haven’t done Auction, it would be “would you like hunt in the early/mid 3rd round or Ertz in the 5th”

Also based on yahoo $ right now Hunt avg cost is $56. Ertz is going for $22.8
Hunt @ 55% of cost or Ertz @70%. I think Hunt will probably have the better year and Goedert will probably soak some targets.

Hunt is a okay value ($38 in UDK), but it would depend on what other players are being kept for me. There are other running backs I like more. Keeping Ertz, a top two tier tight end, and saving some budget for those other backs could work too. Again, not knowing your league, ask yourself what you would like better, having a Freeman/Mckinnon and Ertz, or Hunt and Evan Ingram/Trey Burton. You should be fine either way.