1 man keeper strategy 10th pick (12 man league) full ppr strategy--help please?!

Hey guys, I’m new to the clan and wanted some feedback on a strategy I’m considering. This particular league I commission, it’s a $500 buy in and it’s our 5th “fantiversary” so we’re doing a live draft in Vegas at the Cosmo on Sunday and I really want to draft a very high scoring team. There are weekly payouts for high score and the pot is pretty big of course.

Aaron Jones is my keeper.

I was thinking of going Kelce and whichever WR falls to me 2nd round i.e. JuJu, Hill etc. Then going zero rb with similar picks to that of Robert Woods and Julian Edelman (perhaps Chris Godwin or Lockett) rounds 3 and 4. Then probably 5-6 rbs out of the next 8 rounds. Using highest point projections per the UDK, is this a safe strategy? Open to any and all feedback and suggestions!

Super excited to be apart of the #footclan!