1 Man Keeper

I have an opportunity to keep one player:

Travis Kelce - 2nd


Antonio Gibson - 7th

Currently I’m leaning on Gibson, what do you think?

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I personally would keep Gibson. He is currently going in rounds 2/3 of drafts. You are getting a mid/low RB1 ceiling for a 7th round pick where most RBs are handcuff upside.

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My thoughts exactly. However, Kelce was an absolute beast last season and carried my team after CMC went down. Just not sure if he’s primed to repeat.

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I agree with the Gibson side. Definitely the most value.

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Gibson in the 7th. Kelce will likely be TE1 again but in the 2nd round you might still be able to swoop up another impact player. Unless your league is a start 2TE, I think you can more easily make up for lesser production from other TEs. Gibson I think is over-hyped rn (TBF I love him) but I think his range of outcomes from the 7th is too good to pass up. Again, particularly when you can grab another stud in the 2nd, which is doubtful from the 7th.

Just my thoughts but I hope it helps!

Take the Gibson value.