#1 or #2 seed

So im currently #2 seed in our playoff seeding and ive got the #1 seed guy dead to rights as he is only beating me by .8 points and i have DeAndre Hopkins left tonight…

At this point i pretty much have the choice of 1 or 2 seed, the 3 seed had a big run in middle of season and is currently dealing with aj green and Marvin jones injuries but has Gurley and OBJ

#4 seed has mahomes vs oak a. Jones vs AZ and CMC vs TB in week 1 playoffs.

Would it be wrong of me to purposely take the L to play the currently weak roster of #3 seed?

Is this a 4 team playoff?
Otherwise if it’s a 6 team playoff and you have the bye, I’d stick to the 1 seed as the weaker teams will likely lose in that round.

Yes. That is ethically questionable at best. Don’t be the guy trying to plan for matchups. SHould be trying to win every single week, not manipulating the standings.

Also, you never know what changes between now and playoffs. Football is one of the most unpredictable sports ever. Wouldn’t you feel stupid if you did all this manipulation only to lose to the 3rd seed guy in 2nd round playoffs?

Also you don’t even know if the 3rd or 4th seed will be there. What if one of the wildcard 5th/6th knock him out?

Just play your best line up every single week. Rest is out of your hands. All you can control is the lineup you put in place.

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Assuming 4 teams make the playoffs, it’s a very difficult question lol. To be fair though, Gurley and OBJ scare me just as much, if not more, than Mahomes CMC and Jones. You also don’t know if Green will be back (I imagine not but still questionable). Get the dub tonight and show them why you’re #1 come playoffs.

Intentionally losing to play Gurley seems like the type of thing you will regret.


Its only 8 man league so playoffs are top 4 and 2 weeks long

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Got it. Well I def wouldn’t want to play OBJ and Gurley twice. I think the other three that seed 4 has have more variable to them and maybe won’t go off both weeks.

Congrats on basically having your choice of 1 or 2 seed. Part of the fun of fantasy football imo is dominating your friends when given the opportunity, go for it all & flex your fantasy football muscles :muscle:

If number 2 seed is the better match up then take it. There isn’t anything unethical about that. The whole point is that the 1 seed is suppose to be rewarded with the better match up anyways.

Welp, i left him in, going for all the glory!
The way the schedule has worked out ill have played the
#3 then #4 then, #1 seed should have a 5 game win streak to take over the 1 seed…then will play 4 and most likely 2 again lol!

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