#1 Overall Pick

Last year I had the #1 overall Pick and I went with David Johnson. We all know how that panned out. This year, ironically, I have the #1 pick again. Is Gurley the clear cut option??

I honestly don’t believe there isn’t a “clear cut” option. Of the top 4, I can make a strong case to take any of them. My own preference is and always will be Bell in a dynasty format. But a strong case could be made for both Gurley and Zeke. I can easily see Zeke getting 400 carries and leading the league in both rushing yards and rushing TDs this year.

I think regression is coming for gurley but even if he regresses a little, could still easily lead the league.

ANd bell is just the model of consistency finishing top 3 every single year he plays a full season.

DJ may be one of the weaker ones in the argument to some but I can also make a strong case for him as the one to lead the league with 1k rushing and 1k receiving.

Honestly man, just go with your gut and who you like best. There’s no wrong answer here. Last year, consensus was DJ #1 but I love Bell so took Bell 2. Obviously got lucky on that one. End of the day, it’s your team and you gotta live with it. Better to go down with the guy you chose then to lose with someone elses team. When choices are that close, you’re just splitting hairs anyways.

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I think any of the big 4 are great. Bell, Gurley, DJ and Zeke

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for me its bell, gurley or dj. i think i would take bell.

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