#1 Pick Strategy

12 team ppr league with number one pick. So I am thinking Gurley number one to stay with a safe pick. Then I am thinking about locking up my rb2 or wr1 depending on best available at the 2-3 turn. Would it be too high to take Rodgers at 3.01 if I have to wait a bunch of picks til my turn?

I just finished as the 1 spot in a 10 man league. I went Bell, then ended up with Keenan Allen and Gronk on the turn. I printed out the tier sheets from the UDK and used those. I think 3.01 is too soon for Rodgers. I ended up with Rivers in the 14th round.

i just did my draft and i took gurley #1 and took for stefon diggs and took rodgers at 3.01 lol. i didn’t want to risk it because everyone in my league likes to jump on qbs fast so i had to pull the gun.