1 player keeper league

I have TG2, CMC, and OBJ. Which one should I take as my keeper. (Any keeper acts as your 1st round pick, regardless of when originally taken)

Do you know what pick you have?

I have the 1st pick. Snake draft. Not everyone is required to have a keeper so I don’t really know exactly where my first “pick” will fall after the keepers are factored in.

At this point in the offseason the answer is pretty obviously CMC regardless of format. It is possible that if very positive news comes out for Gurley, he might become the answer in standard leagues. But right now the risk is just too much especially when you have another top end rb option. And you’re always taking a top end rb over a top end wr due to position scarcity and current draft philosophy.

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I go CMC and then double down on WRs coming back. RBs are deep this year and you can get solid RB2’s in the 3rd and 4th round.
If your roster could look something like:

  1. CMC
  2. Evans
  3. Thielen
  4. Freeman
  5. Lindsay
    I think thats a good squad.

Only sub would be Gurley for CMC but I prefer safety in the early rounds

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