1 player keeper. Who should I keep?

I know there will be plenty of changes before the season starts but should I keep Aaron Jones, DJ, or Bell?

I would probably go david Johnson, but bell’s landing spot can possibly make me choose him, but it is close

If you’re keeping DJ, to me that says you’re confident that Arizona will fix the play calling with Kliff and the O-Line issues.

If you keep Bell, to me that says you’re confident he will end up on a team where he will produce more fantasy points then the other two.

If you keep Aaron Jones, that says to me that you believe that LaFleur will utilize him such that he will have a better Fantasy season than Bell or DJ.

In order of what I’m most confident in; Aaron Jones, DJ, and then Bell.

Bell was awesome to watch but if the Jets are concerned with his physical condition, then I’m definitely concerned. Additionally I doubt his patient style works well behind a weaker Offensive line. DJ is far from done, but I don’t think Kliff is amazing based on his previous coaching positions and NCAA record. If they fix the O-line though, and by that I mean they’re all healthy and maybe added a piece or two then I’m much more intrigued. Aaron Jones flashed everytime he got on the field and the only thing changing is LaFleur is coming in which I don’t regard as a bad thing. I regard it positively even!

Hope you enjoyed my 2cents on the matter!

I agree with @Arfnoz assessment; but, not with his rankings. Sleeper had an alert yesterday that said LaFleur was quoted saying “Aaron and Jamaal will benefit from a committee.” That tells me Jones won’t get the volume DJ or Bell (presumably) will get.
DJ was a disappointment last year and was still the RB9 in PPR.
Bell is a stud but has a lot of question marks; but, no matter the questions, I have to believe he’s better than a committee guy.

If LaFleur didn’t come out with that quote the other day, I would have said Jones had the safest opportunity. Now that all 3 guys have question marks, I take the best talent with the least questions, thats DJ.
I go:

Obviously all this can change based landing spot, OL FA, draft, and more coach quotes.

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If you have to pick today, then DJ is the pick. No question.

If you can afford to wait, then you may be able to evaluate a landing spot for Bell.

Wow! I missed that report thank you! My rankings would totally change. DJ becomes my top pick but I’d still put Bell below Jones. I’m not sold on his ability to come back from a full year off of football and to be behind a crappy O-line. Additionally Bell was always a Bell-Cow and I’m not confident he’ll receive the same workload outside of Pittsburgh. Thanks for the updated info though!

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