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1 PPR trade offer


Hey guys, i got a trade today and have been debating if i should accept it or not. so the trade is I get David Johnson and i give up Jordy Nelson and Danny Woodhead

My Team:

RB: Crowell, Mark Ingram, Peterson, Gore, and Woodhead

WR: Nelson, Keenan Allen, Diggs, Ginn jr, Corey Davis

i feel like its a good trade but feel like i’m taking a big hit at the WR position


Do this right now.


Of course you’re giving up a lot at WR. Not nearly as much as your getting at RB (a much more scare position).


You always want to be the one receiving the best player in a trade and you are here, by far. And you aren’t giving up nearly enough, IMO, so I’d jump on this yesterday and just play the waiver wire for the sleepers at WR where there are always many more than RB.


I don’t think it’s quite that simple, but we’re in agreement on this trade.