#1 Priority - Aaron Jones or Latavius Murray?

0-4. #1 waiver priority. I was/am the owner of Dalvin Cook & Ty Montgomery.

Jones looks like the better player, and Ty may not start this week, yet Latavius will have a shot to have/earn the lead role for the rest of the season. I think I lean for the long-term benefit of Latavius, but Jones could have value as well. Thoughts?

I actually think in your case you should pick up Jones with the #1 and come back around and take Jerick McKinnon. While I would rather have Lat Murray, I think McKinnon has a chance to be just as effective and to catch some more passes. Just my $.02. However, I’m hearing the TY might play this week, so there’s some risk in that too.

You know what I change my mind…I would take Lat Murray with the #1. Jones is probably just too short of a rental and you need another back with Cook out for the season

LMurray for that long term. Jones looked great while LMurray doesn’t look amazing but it’s just too up in the air how much you can use Jones. Go for the long-term lead RB in that situation.