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1 QB league who should I keep rest of season?


Dak, Cam, Alex Smith, Tyrod


S.T.R.E.A.M. - Those guys will have good and bad matchups, so only keep 1 and play the matchups.


I was hoping to have trade bait because they are all solid - just traded Cam for Ingram


some people man…that’s the only reason I like picking top QBs, becuase people are dumb and give a kings ransom for them. Last year I traded Brady/Ingram for David Johnson


damn… yeah that is my strategy. think cam for ingram is a good trade?


Yes absolutely. There are 10 QBs that will give the same output as Cam, and I’m sure you have access to alot of them. Ingram is underrated. He’s led the team in touches every week and is still involved in the passing game. 10+ points each game


thanks for easing my mind sir (:slight_smile: