1 spot empire league

12 teams 50 buy in portion gets rolled over into empire pot which can be won by winning two years in a row
Dynasty format
No divisons no kicker no defense
24 roster spots 2 irs
Qb rb rb wr wr te flex flex
H2H with extra game against league median
Combined rookie n vet draft
Faab with continuous waivers
Top 3 get paid out
Have to be able to pay ASAP so we can get going
6 make playoffs
Top 2 get byes

Interested please send me info. brucejedelmanjr@gmail.com

I want in

I’m gonna send the link to u and a few other guys first one to look at the info pinned and pay gets the spot hold on

https://slpr.link/Q5kNgmkzlMJ3 12 team dynasty, we can change to empire, 8 teams needed

join my 12 team dynasty and we may switch to an empire pending vote. The commisioner (me) supports empire.