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1 SPOT LEFT! 10 man .5 PPR. Ballers preferred scoring. $30 buy-in


ESPN redraft league with the ballers preferred scoring. We will be drafting on August 26th and we will talk about more details when we fill the league up! We will be using group me as a league group chat. Leave your email below and I will invite you to the league and the chat!


I’m interested, How do you guys do the buy in? I live in Florida so i’m not able to do the buy ins through most sites. you can email me all of the information. decouxr4@gmail.com


I am in and can do the buy in. I am on EST time so the draft cannot be really late PST time. dalittle20@gmail.com


Draft will more than likely be at 3pm PST so 6 your time. I sent out the invite and just wanted to make sure you download Group me so I can add you to the chat. Just make sure to sign up with that email and set your nickname in the chat as your team! Just sent the invite.