1 SPOT LEFT, 10 Team Lottery KEEPER live In person/ zoom Draft

Hey Footclan,

So my friend is starting a 10 keeper league with a special way of keeping the players. If you are an avid footballer listener than you might recognize it from their “League of Record” method that they reference.

Basically you will keep 3 players each year. The first player you keep is your locked in guy, meaning you keep him for the next year guarunteed. Next you will select 3 more players you want to keep BUT they cannot be the same position as your locked in guy. Then a random lottery will happen and you will only get to keep 2 of the 3 that went into the lottery. The last player you didn’t get goes back into the draft pool and is available to everyone. You might even be able to draft that player again is you want, but it’s not a sure thing. This gives a fun twist that requires some thinking especially because of the position limitation.

The entry fee is $100. I hope thats within your budget.

One more detail is that it is our goal to have a live in person draft. This is happening in Brick, New Jersey. If you can make it there that AWESOME; if not we hope you will zoom or skype in with us for a great night.

Hope to hear from my footclan brethren. And hey even if the spot is filled we can start a waitlist in case someone drops.

Interested! roweca32 on sleeper

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